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Swapping Flow for Balance

It's that time of the year, again. When the garden is beginning to grow and the outdoors is calling me. There are things to do like digging and planting and weeding and tending, but I also just want to be outside.

Feel the sunshine on my skin. Listen to birdsong. Smell the apple blossoms and lilacs and each next thing to bloom.

There's a blackbird nest in the bushes behind our back fence and I can hear them peeping. Deep red amaranth seedlings are sprouting in the bed where I grew it last year. Tree frogs have been singing nearby. The strawberry flowers just started to appear.

I don't want to miss a thing.

Inevitably when garden season rolls around it's hard for me to stay inside.

A couple weeks ago we had a tree taken down in our backyard.

It was a hard decision and I was reluctant and emotional about it, but now I have more room for gardening and lots more sunshine. And so many garden projects I want to tackle.

It's a bit ironic because now is the time of endless…

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